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Free 1-on-1 Consultation

Informative and Compassionate

I take on a limited number of clients at any one time. During the consultation we discuss any questions that you my have, how I can support you, and if I am the right fit for your needs. By offering a consultation, my goal is to reduce any stress, you may have and educate you on my services.


Birth Preparation

Guiding you Through

Pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing can be very scary and stressful. My role with my Birth Preparation service is to ensure you get the best information you would need and education about how you can prepare for your upcoming birth. We discuss many topics such as what to expect, what to take to the hospital, ect.


Birth Doula Support

Offering Support

With my Birth Doula Support, I offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during and after birth. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and step in with anything you might need, or questions you may have along the way. This package includes a number or prenatal visits, labor support and a postpartum visit.


Belly binding is the art of wrapping the postpartum belly assist in providing support to the pelvic floor and encourage the strengthening of the abdominal wall muscles. This technique encourages bringing the organs back together after birth and womb closing, providing healing, support and other benefits after the event of a birth.


Labyrinth Facilitation

Spiritual and Centering

A Labyrinth walk is an ancient practice used by various spiritual faiths and practices as an experience to achieve spiritual centering. Labyrinths are about the journey to spiritual centering. This services is offered to anyone or any group seeking spiritual centering and clarification.


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