Disclaimer: This service holder provides alternative services through Life Stages Doula as a collaborative agreement. It is important that future clients know that this provider is NOT a licensed practitioner, and does NOT replace the benefits of seeking a licensed therapist. This provider offers a lending ear and her personal expertise as an artist to help those who may not want to seek a traditional therapist. This service holder is in no part full/partial owner to Life Stages Doula.


Alternative To Therapy

With Nami Bey

Hello all. My name is Nami Bey. I am an artist that specializes in spiritual healing through art. I offer alternative assistance to traditional therapy as I am not a licensed therapeutic practitioner, but I aim to support those who choose not to seek a traditional therapist. 
As a service provider I am not only a listener, I am a friend as well as a teacher and here to help get you back to a creative track.  I aim to help you reach your mental goals while having a fun experience. 
Art can be so many things; music, acting, crafting, painting. Within each of these avenues we enjoy, they are very helpful in motivating, creating and exploring more about ourselves. These avenues also create pathways into solving emotional, mental and physical through these activities we do, and can be very therapeutic. My goal for you is to work on the mind, body, and soul through this experience.


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