Meet Tatwona

I have always been inspired by the strength of women and the magic that we possess to give life to another being. Not only the strength to birth but also raise up these babies. In the midst of it all every woman deserves to have someone there to guide and assist them in making educated choices about their pregnancy, and remind them that they can trust the strength of their bodies during this time. That they can trust that there is someone there beside them supporting them all the way.

 I am here dedicating this work to and passionate about radical reproductive justice, women's health generally and more specifically women of color. I fight for LGBTQ inclusion and eliminating racial disparities within the healthcare system. As a black woman navigating through this, doing this work has extended me the ability to openly express a level of empathy and compassion for others that they may not receive in normal daily life. It has also allowed me to feel deeply, connect with my own spirit and that is why I choose to do this work everyday. 



Reproductive Justice l Bodily Autonomy l LGBTQ Inclusion l Educating/Advocating for Women of Color


“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”

Rudyard Kipling


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